From my experiences over the last decade yes the truth is you might spend a little more for a private process server. However this should not cost you in the end result because this is usually issued to the defendant or client in the case. Also a private civil process server, such as Franklin Investigations will go above and beyond the normal due diligence. If an address is not current, Franklin Investigations will notify the client that the address is bad and ask permission in most cases (depending on place of travel for service). Franklin Investigations has knowledge and resources to conduct a skip trace and locate a new address. Franklin Investigations is experienced in this area and will use the resources and common sense legal means to locate your defendant.

Another reason it is more efficient is that a civil private process server can cross county jurisdictions to serve papers as where sheriff’s departments will end up sending this back if they cannot get the defendant served in said county. Yes, they will take a fee for doing this; and you have to go about the process all over again in a different county if you wish to use the sheriff’s department again.

The third reason you should consider private civil process server is that they are hoping they can prove to you that they are worth calling again. From my experiences it easier to contact a private process server if there is a technicality in an affidavit to be fixed compared to trying to get hold of someone in the sheriffs civil division that will remember exactly what you need to be changed and make the changes quicker. Franklin Investigations takes every client seriously and strives to provide a fast and efficient service for every client. So that is why Franklin Investigations believes the contract is your satisfaction.

Sometimes defendants in my experience will tell me that they are glad it is someone such as me giving them the papers. Franklin Investigations has served medical collections and this is a ball game that you have to approach every situation with the defendant differently; you have to have tack and commons sense when you are giving people these papers. If you are a person that tries to throw your authority around, you will fail. You will end up chasing your own tail with debtors. You need to understand approach and demeanor and tone make a difference, sometimes a situation requires you to be soft others might need a little more stern approach to complete the service for the client. Franklin Investigations you can count on a professional, ethical, and respectful civil process service that is why Franklin Investigations continues to grow and provide value to present and future customers as it has been said that your satisfaction is the bottom line.

Whether you are a private citizen trying to resolve an issue by legal means or a law firm or another processing company, when you need a Civil Process Server in North Dakota and Western Minnesota please feel free to call or email Franklin Investigations with your request, and it will be taken with the most outmost importance and be completed soon as possible.

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