I am writing this article after the memo sent out from the Fargo City Prosecutors Office sent out August 2, 2019 to retailers and small businesses.  As a Loss Control professional for over a decade and having considerable experience in this field with apprehending shoplifters and knowing what it takes to make a proper apprehension that is legal and stands up in court so that it does not waste resources in time and money for retailers and law enforcement, I believe the time has come that working for retailers is has headed for a drastic change. 

When I started as Loss Control or Loss Prevention Officer most companies were hands on meaning if someone was caught shoplifting with all the elements needed to make a legal and citizens arrest apprehension you were allowed to use the minimum force necessary to apprehend the subject and bring them into the building.  The reason this has changed is because as in any business their is good employees and than their is bad employees that ruin it and tie the hands of the good ones.  This is what is happening with the Fargo City Prosecutors Office reaction to an overload of cases and under staffing I am guessing of the Fargo Police Department. I understand both sides of this. First of all there is retailers that will abuse the system of asking police to search and identify suspects that have committed theft days earlier with very little information for the officers.  Police Officers for one have to do more paperwork for shoplifting than other crimes.  I can understand that this would be burden some when dealing with other crimes.  As a Loss Prevention professional I have seen these reports. Why are you burdening police with these reports that you have inadequate information and than you are forwarding them to law enforcement expecting them to do  something with them?

Than there is the other side of the coin. Because big retailers have hired over zealous loss prevention staff you end up with bad stops and lawsuits over loss prevention people wrongfully accusing subjects and sometimes inflicting unnecessary physical harm to subjects.   As a result of these types of stops corporations are not allowing professional loss prevention personnel the full ability to conduct their jobs.  If a subject that steals and they object to coming back into the store the loss prevention officer is not allowed to physically apprehend them so that they can be put under citizens arrest and be processed by law enforcement.  Law Enforcement will not come to the retailer going forward if you as a Loss Prevention Professional does not have the subject in custody.   So as a loss prevention officer your hands are beginning to be tied and because of corporate polices and law enforcement polices.  

So as for me I have envisioned for years that eventually it is going to be so hard for retailers and loss prevention to effectively conduct their jobs as loss prevention you as a retailer might need to consider some other options to counteract these new changes and obstacles to protect your companies assets and bottom line. What can you do?  I propose to you Custom Asset Protection Services or CAPS.  Since the hands of retailers are getting tied and loss prevention. I propose retailers take it upon themselves to entertain private loss prevention so there is no more liability to the retailer and hire a private contracted loss prevention and private investigator that is not going run a vigilante outfit but take the utmost precautions but when all the elements have been met to make an apprehension you can count on your privately contracted loss prevention officer to protect your assets and  your bottom line going forward. Franklin Investigations is License and Bonded and has Errors and Omissions Insurance that will in return give the opportunity for retailers to hire privately and customize their programs. 

Franklin Investigations Loss Prevention Division can assist you in other ways also such as online courses to help your employees know the proper elements to conduct apprehensions also or just give guidance on how go about being an employee that can help prevent losses to your business.  Take a look at the links below:

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