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I have gained confidence, knowledge and how to finish certain things from my ambitions, and life’s lessons that have come to me at certain times in my life. The reason I know I can finish things is from attending college and obtaining my Criminal Justice Degree from NDSU. When I attended college I was able to get on the job skills from being hired as a Loss Prevention Officer at Cashwise Grocery Stores in the Fargo - Moorhead areas in 2003. I would not have some of my confidence if it were not for my supervisor at Cashwise that taught me the correct professionalism and demeanor in this kind of profession and how to detect behaviors that cause losses to companies.

At the end of 2004 I accepted a position as Loss Prevention Manager at Sportsman’s Warehouse. Here along with what I call the best Loss Prevention setting and training I was able to develop and learn valuable skills and utilize top notch technology to detect losses in many areas. It was here I started brainstorming and thinking there is a niche here that I could provide to other businesses with my knowledge and experience I was gaining. So along with my 8 years of experience at a grocery store setting and a retail setting utilizing top CCTV equipment to detect losses and total of a decade of loss prevention experience I used my experiences to provide knowledge in this and other aspects of my career aspirations. I do not consider myself an expert in this field but one that has knowledge and always willing to teach the things I do know that have positive outcomes and willing to learn and try new things also.

With the help of my longest friend he suggested I call it Franklin Investigations. In 2007 I completed necessary steps to receive my North Dakota Private Investigations license. I did not give up my corporate jobs until the boat was in front of the dock as they say. So I was used to working a full-time gig and then making time and juggling, multitasking to fulfill my client’s needs when they called. I came to conclusion that dedicating myself full-time to the satisfaction of my clients and potential clients was the right thing to do.

How Franklin Investigations can and will help…

Franklin Investigations will listen and gather the information you are rendering and will compile the information and from there organize a plan that offers a positive solution. And if there is a problem that I feel has a greater depth than I know how to resolve I am not going to waste your time and financial resources and will refer you to someone in my field. As my client you will be able to count on ethics to a fault, along with providing you the value you are seeking.

I have provided services for infidelity, custody, workmen’s compensation, FMLA, Adoption, locating debtors and providing Due Diligence Investigations Along with these services I truly enjoy completing Civil Process and will travel all of North Dakota if needed and Western, Minnesota. I have personally served over 10,000 judgments in this area and you can count on professional, effective and prudent service when it comes to Process Service. As my client you can be rest assured I will use all available resources to solve the problem along with a peace of mind that Franklin Investigations will strive for your satisfaction. So if you are seeking satisfaction, value and professional services than Franklin Investigations should be your last stop.

Jon Hennings Accreditations

  • B.S. Criminal Justice - NDSU
  • B.S. Sociology- NDSU
  • Army National Guard
  • Licensed Private Investigator and Process Server since 2007 #546
  • Retail Loss Prevention Specialist 2003-Present
  • Licensed Notary 2014
  • Links: www.linkedin.com/pub/jon-hennings/61/88a/57b/