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One Source Signing Solutions

About One Source Signing Solutions.

One Source has been established to be your first call for North Dakota and Minnesota when your mortgage company needs documents signings. From refinance, reverse mortgages, I-9, Seller closings, Purchases, and any other notary type services you may need in North Dakota and western Minnesota. The owner Jon Hennings is license and bonded and NNA certified and has been conducting these types of signings since 2015 learning the different type of signings as 3rd party vendor. You can count on professional and efficient notary services.


Quit Passing on STD’s To Other Businesses

(Shopkeepers Transferable Dysfunction)

Why do small businesses owners, who have an employee guilty of theft, then decide not to prosecute? I spoke with a manager at a small business-not the owner, but the main manager-and I started a conversation about asking if there was anything I could possibly help with as a project. I asked if there was an area that the business was suffering through. He stated that they have a problem with an employee who was stealing from the store at the end of their shifts.


Why should you consider using a Private Civil Process Server?

Are you an attorney, finance company, private citizen, who has been unsatisfied with the efficiency of using a local constable or sheriff’s department that does not have the same interest in completing a civil litigation on your behalf? Did you get the standard three attempts and then the document is sent back to you? Wasting your money and time by getting everything ready and you still have the issue unresolved.  


Fargo City Prosecutors Office Reaction to Theft and Shoplifting

I am writing this article after the memo sent out from the Fargo City Prosecutors Office sent out August 2, 2019 to retailers and small businesses.  As a Loss Control professional for over a decade and having considerable experience in this field with apprehending shoplifters and knowing what it takes to make a proper apprehension that is legal and stands up in court so that it does not waste resources in time and money for retailers and law enforcement, I believe the time has come that working for retailers is has headed for a drastic change. 


Catching Cheating Spouses

You the client need to think about this one.  So you hire a private investigator after you have tried all other options marriage counseling, self doubt, passive aggressive behavior.  The spouse says you are crazy delusional but it is  all right when they go in the other room to answer phone calls and other excuses they make to second guess yourself. Well stick to gut feelings here because even if you can not get concrete proof you are probably right.  You hire your private investigator and you have to remember something as a client its a double edged sword.


Infidelity and Marriage in regards to Private Investigators

As a private investigator I have been conducting infidelity investigations for over 11 years and there always seems to be some common factors in my experiences with spouses. I will elaborate on these common factors among alleged cheating spouses.

Why do people hire private investigators for infidelity? First they feel something in the relationship has changed, schedules, lack of communication, intimacy and habits or even new clothes, and interests that all of a sudden happen.